Jobs for young graduates in Hyderabad

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    • Posted 7 months ago

Feedback from our candidates who got placed in companies

I am very happy to have the support from Outlook HR Solutions as they supported me in finding a decent job in one of the companies in Hyderabad. Thank you. Daisy.

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How to design a salary structure?

Designing a salary structure involves the following steps; Job Analysis Job Description Job Specification Understanding the job competencies There are five common job evaluation systems: Ranking. Classification. Point Evaluation. Factory Comparison. Market Comparison.

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How to set Goals?

Developing Objectives or Goals Objectives/Goals establish the direction for the future and help to identify expected results. To be effective, they must align with the team, departmental, and organizational objectives. As part of the performance appraisal, objectives provide a basis for future performance, including standards of behavior, as business plans and conditions change. Well-written objectives/Goals: 

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